Why RentMyRide is Great for Business Users

For smaller companies the cost of company cars can be excessive, and when one of your team needs a vehicle – perhaps to take a trip to a customer in another city, for example – it’s a case of borrowing or rental. Rental can be expensive, but there is a way to rent a well-maintained and up to date car for much less than the brand hire companies. We are RentMyRide, and our business model differs in many ways from your usual hire company, not least in that we don’t have our own cars!

RentMyRide uses vehicles owned by the public, and in doing so does away with expensive overheads and maintenance costs. We ask our owners to register with us and we check the condition of the vehicle carefully – indeed, we have a strict maintenance policy that must be agreed to at all times – and we have owners with every different type of car available, in all areas of South Africa. When you need a car you tell us what type, for how long and where you are, and we match you with one of our owners from our comprehensive database.

We promise you considerable cost savings over other car hire companies, and as you are required to meet the owner, both parties are able to assess the suitability of both car and driver before the deal is agreed upon. RentMyRide has many satisfied customers already – both individuals and businesses – and a reputation for excellent service an ease of use, and we even handle the insurance policy for you. If this sounds like it could be the way forward for your business car rental requirements then please get in touch with us for a chat, or take a closer look at our website and register your details right away.

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