The perfect marriage of private vehicle owners and car renters looking at cheap car rental!

RentMyRide could not have made it easier for private vehicle owners to rent their cars to strictly screened people looking for cheap car rental in South Africa than it already is through their community based web portal!

This is a fantastic opportunity for business people and tourists, or locals, to rent cars cheaply in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth and East London backed up by comprehensive insurance and 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance should a car experience any mechanical problems during the rental period.

On the other hand, private vehicle owners are assured of the strict screening of renters by the RentMyRide team, a great support system in terms of how to make the most of renting out their vehicles and a R10 million liability insurance policy designed to make them feel extra safe.

Renters looking for cheap car rental wherever they go in South Africa will find the whole process streamlined when using the RentMyRide website to find the perfect rental car that suits their needs, applying the right filters to narrow down the choices a little, after all, the selection of vehicles available for rental from private owners is virtually unlimited!

Car owners have the opportunity to make their car and profile as attractive as possible to over 10 000 visitors that use the RentMyRide platform every month, with the expert assistance of a team who have been in the industry for many successful years already.

They have also made many videos available on the RentMyRide website of vehicle owners who have had great success renting out their cars for years now, as if you needed any further encouragement to bring in a great extra income!

What RentMyRide has accomplished is to build a successful car sharing platform based on trust and community that puts the safety of owners and renters first in every way possible, creating the perfect marriage of vehicle owners and renters throughout South Africa!

Either way you win when you join at it’s free, so what are you waiting for!

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