The cheap car rental revolution has arrived in South Africa, skilfully driven by RentMyRide!

Renting out private homes as holiday homes during high season in South Africa has become something that is regularly done in our economic slump, and now RentMyRide has created a safe way for car owners to rent out their own vehicles to renters who benefit from lower rental costs and a wider selection of vehicles to choose from, making the choice tourism destination even easier for visitors.

RentMyRide provides security to car owners in terms of R10 million liability cover and comprehensive cover for physical damage to their car should it be necessary and also assist car owners in maintaining safe practice by conducting strict checks on the renter’s criteria and background verification, so if you are somewhat hesitant about renting out your vehicle to strangers, you will have the backing of an experienced team at RentMyRide to assist you with any queries you may have.

As a car renter in South Africa, the RentMyRide system introduces you to car hire which costs less than the traditional car rental services as the vehicles are owned and maintained by the registered car owners and not by RentMyRide.

Renting a car from a private car owner through RentMyRide will have you covered on the road should you experience any mechanical difficulties, with roadside assistance and customer support provided second to none, 24/7!  You can rent your car anywhere in South Africa via the RentMyRide website, using the filters to narrow down where you would like to hire and how long you will be hiring the vehicle for, from there you will be dealing directly with the owner of the vehicle you have chosen to rent via the website.

The steps to joining the revolution in cheap car hire which has been brought to South Africa by RentMyRide are so simple, whether you are looking for a car to rent or have decided to add your car to the database of cars for rent, it is almost unthinkable that you would not want to at least take a peek at how it works for yourself!

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