Save Money on Car Hire with RentMyRide

Are you one of the many people in South Africa who sometimes needs to hire a car? Many people do, and for a variety of reasons, but what if we told you we could save you – on average – 60% on regular car rental costs? That’s what RentMyRide, an innovative car hire service, can do for you, and it’s very simple to use. RentMyRide differs from a conventional hire service in many ways, but primarily because we don’t have a fleet of vehicles; instead, we have access to the biggest fleet of all – those owned by private users.

The benefits of using private vehicles are many – the cost savings we have already mentioned – and it could not be more convenient. We have registered members ready to rent out cars that they don’t often use all over the country, and each is required to be maintained to a high standard at all times. Whatever kind of car you need, from small economical vehicles to SUV’s, RentMyRide will be able to provide you with one, and the simple online process is as easy to use as it gets.

At RentMyRide we have taken great care in outing together a comprehensive resource on our website that allows you to see just how the service works; we cover everything from insurance to what to do in an emergency, and are happy to help in any way we can. If you have a vehicle that you use only occasionally you can make sensible money – money that will go towards the cost of keeping a rarely used car – with RentMyRide, and our many satisfied regular customers are happy to testify to the efficiency of the service. Why not have a closer look at the RentMyRide website now, register your details, and start saving or making money.

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