RentMyRide wins first prize for bringing car owners and renters together in a win-win business model!

The benefits for both renters and car owners who work through the highly organised and well backed up RentMyRide system are most definitely mutual! The car owner has RentMyRide offering a R10 million liability insurance policy which applies to every reservation, ensuring that the car owner’s vehicle is fully protected against any physical damage while it is out on rental, while on the other hand renters can rely on great roadside assistance 24/7.

As a car owner, it is great to know that you have the backup of the RentMyRide team to pre-screen all drivers or renters if you are not sure of any applicant, giving a great sense of security to you as an individual.  Despite the pre-screening of drivers done by RentMyRide, the choice of driver still lies with you.

For those wanting to rent a car via the RentMyRide system in South Africa, it is pretty straightforward to get going once you have created an account and performed your search using the filters to find your perfect car to rent, whether it is in Cape Town, Gauteng or Durban, and the costs of renting a car through vehicle owners who are part of RentMyRide are far cheaper than those of your standard, impersonal car hire companies.

RentMyRide really is cheap car rental with a difference, once you have used the filters to refine your search for your perfect car to hire online, simply click ‘hire this car’ and wait for the owner to respond to your booking request, which generally allows the owner 24 hours within which to respond, but more often than not it is a lot faster than this!

As a car owner you will be able to make as much money as you would like to by hiring out your vehicle, all it takes is join RentMyRide, follow the steps on the website to register, which is a really simple process, and start making that extra money we could all do with in the current economy.  You decide on what your minimum days for hire are and your price for hiring your vehicle out, just make sure that your car is not older than 15 years and is able to meet all the safety, operations and conditions legally required in South Africa.

Car renters and car owners in South Africa unite and enjoy the benefits of a win-win business model by visiting the RentMyRide website for further exciting in-depth information!

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