RentMyRide makes safety and security a priority for private car owners earning extra income.

If you are a little daunted by the prospect of renting out your car to strangers, RentMyRide will put all your niggling fears aside with their commitment to ensuring that private car owners renting their cars out via the RentMyRide platform feel safe and secure.

In the first place, RentMyRide screens each renter against strict eligibility criteria, which they then take a step further by running additional verifications on the background in order to maintain a safe marketplace.  This type of community focussed platform is designed to keep both renter and car owner safe and secure for the duration of each rental period.

You also have a say in the matter, which means that you can decide who may or may not rent your car, but knowing that RentMyRide are professionals who have been around for a long time and trusted by many of their members generally puts any qualms you may have aside.

It is up to you to define whether you are interested in renting your car to international and local tourists or business people, or anyone else for that matter that may need a car for a few weeks or longer, the choice ultimately remains yours.

Yet another positive reason for feeling comfortable about renting out your car via RentMyRide is that both you and your vehicle are covered against physical damage up to the actual retail value of your vehicle, which would be the nearest amount you would need to replace your car with a similar vehicle.

RentMyRide gives you all the steps you need to follow to market your vehicle well, making it attractive to renters looking for cheap car rental in your area, and the team will also give you tools to assist you in learning more about how to make RentMyRide really work for you.

With an average of 10 000 visitors and more visitors coming through the RentMyRide portal every month, you can earn a tidy income and even expand by purchasing additional vehicles, as many RentMyRide vehicle owners have already done!

Check out The Ultimate RentMyRide Guide here, you will find a wealth of information available to make renting out your car so much easier, from the right vehicles to invest in to finding the right rental price, creating the right profile and posting the perfect photos of your vehicle to achieve great earnings.

Safety, clarity and simplicity at its best for anyone wanting to bring in a healthy extra income from renting out their own vehicle!


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