RentMyRide connects car renters and car owners in an exciting new concept in cheap car rental.

So, you are maybe a two car family but the high fuel costs and unhappy economy in South Africa has had one of your babies sitting in the garage most of the time, neither costing you anything (other than monthly payments!) or earning you anything, well, RentMyRide has arrived in South Africa to make all the difference to private car owners who would like to rent out their cars safely to renters who have been verified and checked by the RentMyRide team!

Before we go any further, a very important point to remember is that RentMyRide offers a R10 million liability insurance policy with every reservation of your car and a comprehinsive insurnace policy which protects your vehicle against any physical damage!

Another thing to bear in mind is that your car cannot be older than fifteen years, and has to meet all the legal requirements for vehicle safety, condition and operation, once these criteria have been met on your side, the fun with RentMyRide begins!

RentMyRide has basically done all the work for you, but you will need to visit their website to register and create an account, once have done this, click the ‘list your car’ option and RentMyRide will offer great assistance with their calculator in suggesting the best daily rate you should consider for renting out your car to get maximum mileage out of an attractive rate.

You will need to make sure you take really great photos of your vehicle to make renting it very appealing! What will go with your photos will be all the information about your vehicle a renter would be looking for, such as the description, vehicle type, transmission, features and mileage limit, as well as a minimum rental period you would be willing to consider.

As a car owner, you will be offering a service of cheaper rates for car renters in South Africa, as well as one where you get to reap the benefits of sound earnings for renting out your car safely, while joining the movement to offer renters a wider range of cars to rent than those of standard car rental agencies.

Make your car work for you, visit the RentMyRide user friendly website today and get the ball rolling towards a risk free income that costs you nothing!


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