RentMyRide: A Simple, Cost Effective Car Rental Solution In South Africa

Why are car rental companies in South Africa so expensive? It’s not like we have many other options we don’t have reliable public transport for one! RentMyRide recently found a solution to this problem and it is accessible in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban.

How does it work?

RentMyRide is a system by which you can rent a privately-owned vehicle close to where you are and you’re able to cut back approximately 40% on the price of regular rental fees. The great news is that you don’t even need vehicle insurance as RentMyRide provides a R10 million liability insurance policy with each and every booking, which will cover the car in case of an accident.

All the renters on RentMyRide are fully checked and authorized. Before they can list a vehicle, maintenance and cleanliness standards need to be honored. One other thing to keep in mind is that your rental car will never be older than 15 years because RentMyRide has a list of legal requirements every car owner needs to meet. This ensures that you will meet all safety requirements and the vehicle will be in excellent condition.

When searching for a car on the RentMyRide website, you will find high-quality photos of all the vehicles available for rent and also information about the vehicle, for instance, the description, vehicle type, transmission, features, petrol level and mileage. Make sure to check the minimum rental period before requesting a booking. It is your responsibility as the renter to return the vehicle on time. In the same condition and with the same petrol level as when you collected the car.

How would you proceed with renting a car from RentMyRide?

It’s straightforward: you join at, create an account and allow them to verify your details, then choose the date you intend to rent, which date you will return the vehicle and at which location you desire to pick it up. RentMyRide will then provide you with information about available cars and the costs involved, you choose the one that suits your needs, and you’re all set. When you go to collect the rental, present the owner with your documents along with any other information he may require.

RentMyRide is not only a convenient but a highly cost effective solution. Don’t miss out on this opportunity when taking your next road trip or holiday.

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