Renting Out Your Car When Not In Use Can Make You Quick Extra Cash

Are you using one rather than two cars to keep the fuel costs lower for your family or do you have the vehicle you don’t need but can’t bear to sell it?  The solution is to make it work for you and bring in extra money by joining RentMyRide, the enormous market developed by this platform for affordable car hire in South Africa!

Many retired people and those with second cars not being used have been relying on income from renting out their cars for many years now, in fact, many individuals have bought second and third cars to enjoy the benefits of income that is practically passive.

RentMyRide is a verified, efficient platform that brings car owners and renters together safely and affordably, offering significant benefits for both the renter and the car owner.  If your vehicle is not older than fifteen years, you have every opportunity of bringing in a considerable income, whether it is an alternative to the loss of income or a secondary revenue stream.

The cars available to rent through RentMyRide are all rented out by private car owners who have successfully joined RentMyRide. If you are hunting for affordable car hire, you have to register on the website, and all you need do is use the filters to find your perfect car rental!  Private car owners renting out their cars list everything you need to know regarding each vehicle on RentMyRide, in addition to which they will stipulate a minimum rental period for your benefit.

Once you have registered at RentMyRide and listed your car following their simple instructions, you will be ready to start receiving rental requests via email or SMS, and despite the pre-screening by RentMyRide, you still get to choose who you hire to or not.

Registering and joining RentMyRide is free and easy. With your car added into the mix, people looking for cheap car hire in South Africa will have a broad assortment of cars to choose fro

People looking for cheap short-term or long-term car hire are offered a far more extensive selection of vehicles to choose from than any traditional car rental agency has, and owners renting out their cars are doing it on the basis that makes them feel secure as RentMyRide brings a far more personal touch to cheap car rental.

If you wish to find out more about renting out your car and making extra money fast, visit for more info.

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