Rent your car out or find cheap car rental via the safe RentMyRide platform.

RentMyRide offers a platform that brings private car owners and renters together for risk free, cheap car rental, for both the renter and the car owner.  The variety of cars to rent cheaply via the RentMyRide website is exceptional, which means that finding your dream car to rent is virtually as easy as 123!

Private car owners maintain their own cars in a good condition, ensuring that their cars meet all the safety regulations required, and as long as all these conditions are met, any vehicle that is less than 15 years old is perfect for adding to the rapidly growing database on the RentMyRide website!

There is no middle man involved between the renter and the car owner, the rental agreement is carried out on a one on one basis, all RentMyRide does is to bring renters and car owners together through a mutually beneficial system.  There are also no costly overheads involved when you rent a car from a RentMyRide car owner; this is no corporate conglomeration that has to tack on extra costs in order to meet staffing or business premises overheads!

RentMyRide offers a down-to-earth central hub where people wanting to find cheap car rental in South Africa deal directly with the owners of cars they would like to hire, with strict vetting done of both drivers and owners of cars in order to create a safe platform for both.  24/7 roadside assistance, R10 million insurance and strict vetting makes safety a priority through RentMyRide!

There are few average South Africans who can do with extra income, and for people who are retired or those who have taken to the public transport system in order to cut down on fuel costs, there are a good many reasons why RentMyRide is the perfect solution to bringing in extra cash if your car is sitting idle in the garage.

Whether you regularly rent cars for business travel to attend seminars, conferences or meetings, or have chosen our beautiful country as a perfect road-trip holiday destination, there is no doubt that renting a car cheaply from a private car owner is going to stretch your budget a lot further!

For car owners wanting to rent out their cars, and there are a few who have even bought a few extra cars after having been with RentMyRide for a few years, you can look forward to extra money coming in without doing much more than making sure your car is in good condition and ready to hit the road once rental requests start pouring in!  Why wait, join today, its free and you have nothing to lose!

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