Make Money Renting Out Your Car

Have you got a car that you don’t use very often? Perhaps you are retired and use it only occasionally, or you may have a company car for daily use and also another that you haven’t got around to selling? How about making some money from your idle car? That’s what you can do when you register with RentMyRide, an innovative car hire scheme that is taking South Africa by storm! Available in most towns and cities across the country, RentMyRide allows people to hire privately owned vehicles for whenever they need them, and car owners to see their vehicles work for their money!

How does it work? You register with RentMyRide and upload pictures and details of your car, plus your location. Now, here’s the clever bit: you also add a calendar, which dictates when your car is available for use, so that if you do have a need for it – whether regularly or occasionally – it can’t be hired during those times. When someone registers with us that they want to hire a car in your area we will notify you, and as each renter has a profile that is built up while they use our services you are free to check them out and decide if you wish to rent to them.

It really is that simple, and for people with little-used vehicles is a great way of making extra money. Indeed, you could even build a small ‘fleet’ of two or three vehicles and make it even more worthwhile! As we at RentMyRide handle the insurance of the vehicle while it is on loan you don’t have to worry about it, and as long as you keep up the maintenance of the vehicle then you have a source of extra income coming your way whenever you need it!

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