Make extra money renting out your car without any risk!

Earning extra money by renting out your own car has never been safer or easier than through the RentMyRide portal, designed to bring renters and car owners together in a mutually beneficial way.

South Africa has always been a top tourist destination, and with the drop in value our Rand has experienced recently, Dollars and Pounds stretch even further than ever before, making the car rental industry one of the few industries not hit hard by the tough economic times being experienced in our country right now.

With the assistance of the RentMyRide platform and their calculator, you will be able to settle on a daily rental rate that will make renting your car out a lot easier.  The steps you need to follow, once you have registered your free account on the RentMyRide website are clear and easy to follow.

Details and specifics that need to be included in the listing of your car make joining effortless, and as long as your car is not more than 15 years old, in good condition and meets all legal requirements, the addition of a few good photos will seal the deal, after which you can get ready to start receiving requests from customers wanting to rent your car.

The final choice of who you rent your car out to is yours, however, bear in mind that all drivers have been pre-screened by RentMyRide for your safety.  Once you start receiving rental requests via sms and email, you will be dealing directly with the renter by responding to any questions or requests the renter may have before you decide to accept the booking request.

The safety of your vehicle is covered by a R10 million liability insurance policy as well, which means that damage to your vehicle during the rental period is fully covered.  Once you have accepted the rental request, you will meet the renter at a place of your choosing in order to hand over the keys and do a vehicle inspection, after which you will sign the trip checklist together.

You can decide to drop the car at an additional delivery fee, or the renter can collect the car from you, the choice, once again, is yours.  RentMyRide will send you the checklist to be signed once you have accepted the booking.  Once the rental period is over and the renter has dropped the car off with you, a final inspection of the vehicle will be done and the trip checklist is signed together, you can look forward to the payments which will arrive from RentMyRide on the 25th of each month!

Make sure you do a review of the renter so that it can be kept on record for future reference.  If you are retired, have a second car that is not used or one that is not used often, why not let it work for you to bring in extra income without any risk!

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