Looking For A Quick Legit Way To Make Extra Money In South Africa?

It’s no secret, the economy in South Africa and the rest of the world is not at its best right now, and many people are looking for ways to make extra money to keep their heads above water. If you have been retrenched or find yourself out of a job and a regular income for any reason, you will know the stress of meeting car and mortgage payments which will be required irrespective. But you can put your car to work for you safely with RentMyRide, and it is not going to cost you anything!

At a time when petrol prices are high, and still climbing, RentMyRide offers a solution for car owners, generating extra money safely, while at the same time maintaining a healthy market for cheap car hire in South Africa, for locals and international visitors alike.

Joining RentMyRide is a safe and easy way to earn extra cash fast! RentMyRide screens all clients joining the RentMyRide platform. However, the final decision about who to rent your car to is in your hands. It also helps to know that RentMyRide ensures that during the rental your vehicle is covered by their fully comprehensive policy of up to R10 million!

As long as your car is less than fifteen years old and meets all necessary legal requirements for car safety, your vehicle can bring in much needed extra income safely.  RentMyRide creates a safe connection between you as a car owner and those looking for cheap car rental in South Africa. Once you have registered at RentMyRide and listed your car following their simple instructions, you will be ready to start receiving rental requests via email or SMS.

For vehicle owners, RentMyRide provides an outstanding platform for anyone wanting to make their car work for them. All it takes is to register for free on the RentMyRide website and follow the steps to list your vehicle.  It is important to add great images so that your car is well represented on the RentMyRide website, and also add all the specs of your car and what minimum rental period will suit you.

Add your car on RentMyRide today and put it to work for you, it won’t be long before you get your first rental request!

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