Innovative Care Hire Scheme from RentMyRide

Are you in need of a rental car on a regular basis? Or are you someone who has a car that you use only now and again, and who would jump at the chance to earn some extra cash? If either of these applies to you then RentMyRide will appeal to you; it is an innovative car hire scheme that is becoming increasingly popular across South Africa which allows you to hire privately owned vehicle – or rent out your car to those who need it – and either save or make money in the process!

For those who need to hire a car RentMyRide represents the most economical way of doing so; you can save as much as 40% on regular rental costs this way, and also get the added advantage of picking up and returning the vehicle to addresses convenient to you. For those with cars that they wish to hire out the scheme allows you to enter your details with pictures and information about the vehicle, and to vet all applicants who may be interested in hiring your car. You are not obliged to rent your car to someone if you don’t want to – it is entirely up to you, the owner.

One of the most innovative factors of the RentMyRide scheme is that we encourage owners to rate those who hire their car; this way, future owners can see who has a good reputation, and who may have been less than acceptable in their treatment of the vehicle. We believe that this level of transparency makes things much easier for all users of the scheme. So, are you interested? If so check out the RentMyRide website and register as either a renter or an owner, and start saving or making money straight away!

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