How Your Car Can Make You Money

Are you the owner of a car that you don’t use on a day to day basis? Perhaps you are a two – or more – car family, and have a vehicle that spends most of its life standing around? Not using a car regularly is not good for it and, more to the point, you are losing money on it all the time as it still has to be insured. What if there was a way you could put that car to work, and watch in bring extra income in to the family?

Thanks to an innovative scheme called RentMyRide there is, and any people across South Africa have already joined us. RentMyRide offers a very real, and perfectly legal, alternative to traditional hire car companies. We do so by putting owners in touch with those needing to hire a car – perhaps for a business trip, or to take a family on holiday for a few days – yet we make it easier and more affordable than the usual method. In effect you – the car owner – hire your car to the driver, with us acting as the middleman, and we have a register of owners covering the whole of South Africa.

Once we put someone in touch with you, you arrange to meet them, and you are free to choose whether or not they are suitable for the transaction. We have many satisfied customers so far who are making money from little-used cars, and all we ask is that you have a recent model vehicle that is kept to maintenance standards that we lay out in the agreement. We even handle the insurance side of things, so everything is very simple for both parties. Have a closer look at the RentMyRide website now, and before you know it your little-used car can be making money for you.

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