How to Save Money on Car Rental

Owning a car can be expensive, and if you are one of the many people who have a need for a car only occasionally it can be difficult to justify the cost. Furthermore, when you do need a car you will need to hire one, and the cost of car rental is also high. Well, we may have the solution: we are RentMyRide and we offer an innovative and surprisingly affordable alternative to traditional car rental, one that we are certain you will find to be great value and extremely convenient.

RentMyRide is not like a normal car company in that we do not have an expensive fleet of vehicles to maintain; instead, we use cars that are owned by individuals, who register their details with us and supply us with a calendar outlining when their vehicle is available. You get the choice of a wide variety of cars in locations across South Africa – so there will be one local to you – and when you place your order with us, we tell you what is available at that time and for the length of time you need, which can be anything from hours to days, and you arrange the rest with the owner.

For safety and security, the owner of the car will meet you personally – and you can both decide if you are right for each other – and RentMyRide encourages feedback on both sides, so other customers and owners can gain information on those who are suitable for each other. Rest assured all vehicles are required to meet particular standards, and all drivers are required to be fully licensed, and we handle the insurance for you. Why not check out the RentMyRide website right now, register your details, and see how you can save large amounts on the best way to rent a car.

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