Grab this opportunity for cheap car rental or earning extra income by renting out your car safely.

Taking just a few steps to register with RentMyRide opens a whole world of cheap car rental and another of offering private car owners extra income by renting out their own cars safely. RentMyRide is a simple, effective system that offers a platform for bringing car renters and car owners together in a secure environment, cutting out any middle man that inevitably makes car rental more expensive than it need be.

For international visitors, local holiday makers who are planning road trips through our beautiful country or business travellers, cheap car rental is right at the top of the list for making travelling budgets go a lot further.

Joining RentMyRide is free, for both renter and car owner renting out their car, it is an uncomplicated system that is designed to offer cheap car rental in South Africa, while at the same time opening up opportunities for car owners to bring in extra income in an economic climate that is looking more than just a little tough right now.

If you are a local travelling between any of the main centres, cheap car rental does not get better than what is on offer when you connect with private car owners via RentMyRide, most South Africans have found it excessively expensive to hire cars for business or holiday purposes, but that is in the past.

The advent of RentMyRide has taken the car rental industry by storm, bringing a completely different dynamic to the industry by simply bringing the renter and car owner together in a mutually beneficial arrangement that is managed on a personal basis.

RentMyRide ensures that car owners renting their cars out can count on R10 million liability insurance policy and strict renter screening, although the final decision about who the car owner will rent to is still their own.  Renters can rely on comprehensive insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance and support during the rental period.

Cheap car rental has never been this uncomplicated, make sure you visit the RentMyRide website today to make sure you make the most of this fantastic opportunity for cheap car rental or to make extra money while your car works for you!

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