Earn Extra Money By Putting Your Car To Work

Sometimes many of you might find yourself searching for the ways to earn an additional income without putting in much effort. How comfortable would the life be then? Less work – More pay! For most people, it would be a dream come true. What if this could really happen? What if there is a way you could make extra money without doing any hard work?

Did you know, your car is one of the potential assets that can generate cash overnight. Your car, if utilised smart, can make you more money than your monthly salary. Confused! Many of you might be wondering, how? This is not magic; this is a reality!

RentMyRide offers you an opportunity to earn extra money overnight with complete peace of mind. No need to go out of your way. No need to do extra work. All you need is to sit back and relax, and the money will automatically be credited to your account.

Is it safe? Yes, it is safe. You will be completely protected with insurance, and RentMyRide will also protect your car from theft and damage. It’s an easy, reliable and futuristic concept but it’s one that works. Many people have made money in just that way.

Moreover, we do a background check on each renter to ensure the safety of your vehicle. We ask them to provide us with the following list of documents:

Drivers License:

Before, we rent your car we ask clients to provide a valid drivers license.

Deposit Paid:

Travelers are also requested to pay a R5000 deposit before the start of the rental. This is to make sure that the driver can afford for the damage made to his car if any. RentMyRide takes responsibility for the owner and will take it upon ourselves to obtain any amounts from the renter. Renters are liable for an R500 claims processing charge.

Terms and Conditions:

In the end, we ask the travellers to sign our terms and conditions form. The terms and conditions stipulate the renter agrees to take full responsibility in case of an accident.

Making some extra money by putting your car at work is an easy and affable process. All you need is to rent your car to visitors/drivers in search of a car. With RentMyRide you receive a request, meet the renter, and the deal is done. Rates may vary from car to car and buyer to buyer, but one thing is assured – At the end of the day, you will make extra cash without any extra effort.

So, why not make some quick money when you have all the means to make it. Grab this opportunity now and put your car to work for you.

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