Cheap long or short term car rental in South Africa designed as a benefit for renters and car owners!

Would you like to earn money from renting out your own car safely, or how about having a really wide selection of cars for rental to choose from at rates which will make you take a very serious second look, if the answer to either of these is yes, then RentMyRide is where you belong!

Rent a car or list your own car, either way this is about long term or short term cheap car rental anywhere in South Africa and there is no doubt that both the renter and the car owner are winners at the end of the day using the RentMyRide website which connects renters to car owners.

There are car owners who have been renting out their vehicles safely now for over a year and a half and have never looked back, knowing that their vehicles are covered by RentMyRide, who offers a R10 million liability insurance policy with every reservation, protecting every car owner’s vehicle against any physical damage.

In order for car owners to list their cars it is also essential to ensure that their cars do meet all the legal requirements for car safety in South Africa as well as to note that RentMyRide does not register vehicles on their website which are older than 15 years.

For car renters throughout South Africa, the wide range of vehicles to choose from far outweighs those of traditional car rental agencies, and because these cars are privately owned and maintained independent of RentMyRide, the cheaper car hire rates are a welcome change for car renters in South Africa.

Using the RentMyRide website is really easy once a car renter has registered, you will be able to select the car you would like to hire, at the rate you are looking for and the period you will need it for, all of which will be handled between you and the car owner via the website.

RentMyRide has changed the lives of many South Africans who have been renting out their cars safely through this new addition to renting out assets such as houses in order to bring in much needed income, in fact, many have bought an extra car or two in order to make the most of their association with the RentMyRide platform of cheap car hire.

South Africa is a choice destination for tourism and there is no doubt that cheaper car hire can benefit this beautiful country every bit as much as it can benefit those who are renting out their own cars.  Visit RentMyRide; check out how simple the process is to register, either as a car renter or as a car owner and take note that RentMyRide is considered a Valued Member of Cape Town Tourism, which is not a badge of honour easily won!

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