Car Rental Breakthrough for South African Customers

The car rental industry is one that follows a set pattern, and it can be time consuming and complex even to rent a car for just one day. It is also, thanks to the need for the hire companies to buy and maintain a fleet of vehicles, expensive for the customer. However, we have introduced a new way of renting a car, and even if we say it ourselves, it is taking the industry by storm. We are RentMyRide and we offer South African customers massive savings on the cost of hiring a car, plus a simple way to do it.

What’s different about RentMyRide? Instead of owning our own vehicles, we use the biggest fleet possible – your cars! We put owners with little-used vehicles in touch with people in their local area who need to rent a car. The owners keep us updated with details of when their vehicle is available, and when we get an enquiry, we match it with a suitable vehicle. The two parties meet – the owner is free to refuse the transaction if they are unsure about the renter – and you hand over the keys, with the vehicle being returned to the same address at the agreed time.

We encourage our users to leave feedback so that both owners and drivers can see who has a good reputation, and we require car owners to keep their vehicle maintained to an agreed standard. As we handle the insurance side of the deal, everything is simple for all involved. We already have many customers both renting and owning vehicles – some who have, in fact, seen the potential and purchased vehicles especially – so why not check out RentMyRide more closely, or get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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